Word Count Basic Rate
One re-edit
Premium Rate
Unlimited re-edits
Less than 2000 words $179 $229
2001-4000 words $219 $309
4001-6000 words $249 $339
6001-8000 words $319 $409
8001-10000 words $369 $459
>10000 words Please ask for quotation

All prices are in USD. Word counts do not include references.

What’s Included?

Basic Rate Premium Rate
Professional English Editing INCLUDED INCLUDED
Money-Back Guarantee INCLUDED INCLUDED
Free re-edits of your manuscript After your paper receives comments from reviewers, receive free re-edits on the modified portions of your manuscript. 1 RE-EDIT up to 1000 words of changed or new text.* UNLIMITED**
Free editing of your Cover Letter Your cover letter is the first thing that the Editor and Reviewers will see. We will help you revise your cover letter so that it is logical and free of grammatical errors! Not included INCLUDED
Free edits of your Responses to Reviewers Make sure that your responses to the Reviewers are written in English. Not included INCLUDED

*Additional re-edits or re-edits that exceed 1000 words at the Basic rate will be charged at $150 per re-edit.

**UNLIMITED re-edits applies to revisions of the same manuscript upon receipt of reviewer comments during a single submission process. Unfortunately, we cannot offer re-edits to manuscripts that are re-submitted to additional journals.

About our pricing scheme

We strive to keep pricing simple and affordable. Every paper is simply based on word-count (not including references), so that you know exactly what it will cost you before you send us your manuscript to edit. To keep prices low to you, our small company is structured to have the least amount of overhead as possible, while also allowing us to provide personalized attention to each and every manuscript and customer. We have carefully structured our prices to be affordable to allow the majority of labs, researchers, and students to take advantage of great editing services.

Money-Back Guarantee

We are extremely confident in our services and guarantee your satisfaction. We 100% guarantee the quality of our English editing services. Your edited manuscript will incorporate correct grammar, articles, verb tenses, scientific phrases, and sentence structure. In addition, we ensure that your paper flows as though it were written by a native English speaker. We never charge our customers until after you receive your edited manuscript, so there is no risk to you. If you are not happy with the English editing, you are not responsible for any charges. Please note that although we guarantee the quality of our English editing, Manuscript Authority never guarantees publication of a manuscript, as this remains the decision of the publisher.

Referral discounts

We hope you are more than satisfied with our work and that you will recommend your colleagues to our services. As our thank-you, we are eager to offer you a $50 credit valid toward your next editing service for every referral (new customers only) who purchases a manuscript service. These credits never expire, so use them at your leisure. Accumulate multiple referral credits and use them all to completely pay for a manuscript!


We accept payments via any major credit card, paid through the secure payment service Paypal, or bank transfers via EFT or wire transfer. Please note that a $25 charge will be added to your invoice for wire transfers due to bank fees. When submitting your manuscript, please let us know which payment method you prefer, and your invoice will be sent to you with instructions for payment after your edited manuscript is returned to you.